wood panel 1

Anthony Green (PhotoFinish Records)
Good Old War (Photofinish Rec.)
Scream Hello (Red Leader Records)
Lagrecia (Suburban Home Records)
with resistance (Immigrant Sun Rec.)
Hellhole (Off The Books Records)
Drive By (Riot Squad Records)
Endgame (Get Outta Town Records)
The AkA's (Paper and Plastick Records)
Minnesota's Calling(Death To False)
Dear Tonight (Red Leader Records)
Dustheads (Don Giovanni Records)
Deadset on Destruction (Altin Village)
Den of Theives (Exotic Fever Records)
Let Me Run (XoXo Records)
Static Radio (Square Up Rec.)
Wormeaters (AmericanWaste/Hardware)
Backslider (Blascat Records)
Monument (XoXo Records)
Backslider (blast cat / Give Praise Rec) Heroes (Contain Records)
Not The Bees (GTG Records)
The Wait (Get Outta Town Records)
Daniel Gruner (Off the Books Records)
Blackbirds (Death to False Hope)
World Famous Skulls (Romulus x)
Waiting For Henry (Mighty Hudson Music)
Altered Boys (Katorga Works/Deranged)
I HATE THIS (Blast cat Records)
Phibes (Bleeding Edges Records)
Backslashes & Bad Ideas (Harbor Rec)
Poor Lilly
Young Hearts
Status Green
Modern Chemistry
The Black Sox Scandal
Negative Traction
My Finest Regards
Casino Sundae
The Mischief Kids
Doctor Coldtouch
Poor Lily
Us Against You
Anthony vero
Verses Narrow
Karmic Slave
Electric Arms
Heavy Hands
Racing Exit 13
Three Cheers To Late
Prepare for Glory
Social Club Crisis
CJ Henry and the Vinegar Strokes
The Zodiac Complex
Rebuilt In Time
Dan Rauchwerk
Less Life
Us Against You
In The Fifth
Subconcious Thoughts
The Century Kids
Black Birds
Dead corpse
Jong Il
Only Sin Deep
A Life Worth Living
I Hate This
The John List Symphony
Here's to our Friends
Crushed Beneath
The Departed
Fight Or Flight
By this I Swear
The Lords of Liechtenstein
Carolyn D'Elia
Jay Goldman
Picture the Perfect
at 100
The Beer Burglars
When All Else Fails
Crucial Awakening
Grey Measure
Leroy Rogers
B.A. Pariah
Rattling Cages
Endless Endeavor
2 Steps Back
Big Pink
The Lionel Crush
Rapid Cities
Serene State
The IPO's
Don Juan Destroyer
Thus We Remain
Far from out
Wrong day to Quit
Write Back Soon
The Harletts
The Deadset
That Hideous Strength
When we Scream Hero
Charles Lockner



Welcome to Exeter Recording studio's offical website! Exeter Recordings is a professional recording studio located in Freehold, New Jersey. The studio is owned and operated by founder / engineer / Producer / well....me, Joe Dell'Aquila. Over the years, the studio has gained a reputation for itself as being a place where real music and hardworking musicians come together to produce the best possible sound for both the artist and the studio. Besides being one of the few places left that still promotes natural performance, the studio has a very laid back, yet obsessive atmosphere to make sure we work together to do whats best for your project.

I'm always updating the studio's gear when possible, but in the end, that's not what's being sold here. No matter what the artist's budget, I expect the studio's work to speak for itself. Every band that has worked with Exeter is located on this website, along with multiple samples on the "samples" page, numerous amounts of videos / links via the internet, pictures and more.

No matter what type of music, I always strive to make the next project the best project, and while focusing on making a great record, I believe the recording process should always be a good time and a memorable experience. Contact me directly at exeter-recordings@hotmail.com to talk about pricing / booking!