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Welcome to Exeter Recording studio's offical website! Exeter Recordings is a professional recording studio located in Freehold, New Jersey. The studio is owned and operated by founder / engineer / Producer /, Joe Dell'Aquila. Over the years, the studio has gained a reputation for itself as being a place where real music and hardworking musicians come together to produce the best possible sound for both the artist and the studio. Besides being one of the few places left that still promotes natural performance, the studio has a very laid back, yet obsessive atmosphere to make sure we work together to do whats best for your project.

I'm always updating the studio's gear when possible, but in the end, that's not what's being sold here. No matter what the artist's budget, I expect the studio's work to speak for itself. Every band that has worked with Exeter is located on this website, along with multiple samples on the "samples" page, numerous amounts of videos / links via the internet, pictures and more.

No matter what type of music, I always strive to make the next project the best project, and while focusing on making a great record, I believe the recording process should always be a good time and a memorable experience. Contact me directly at to talk about pricing / booking!