Are you a music teacher looking for a new place to teach?   Are you interested in teaching music but need a professional venue?

Build your school / business at Exeter Recording studio!


Exeter Recording Studio is looking for music teachers that would be interested in using the studio as a teaching venue starting in June 2016. If you are looking for a professional venue to teach in without taking the risk of having a lease, now is your chance!! The recording studio will be available for rent by the hour on days when the studio is not in use, as well as recording packages for teachers and their students!  So not only will you be able to promote the studio as your venue for teaching, but you can add a recording option as a perk to gain more students!  

The LIve room has a classic, Lauter Upright Piano for Piano Teachers,

as well as two drum kits for Drum Lessons


While the live room will be available for all instruments, The Control Room will also be available for teaching: guitar, bass, vocal lessons, any type of classical instruments, whatever you'd like.   For electric guitar / bass lessons in The Control Room, I will set up my Analog / Digital audio work station for you to plug your instruments into, allowing you to use the studio monitors when teaching, making a great setting for you and your students. As well as a vocal mic for vocal lessons if desired.

Hey, maybe even pick up a thing or two about recording!  

I've always thought about adding another aspect of music to the studio, and what better way than making it a place for musicians to grow and teach their craft. If you are looking to move your lessons out of your house, are a touring musician looking to make some extra cash, or a new teacher looking to build a client base that would like to promote Exeter Recording Studio as your venue for teaching, please email, call / text Joe at 732-742-9537,

or fill out the form below and I will get in contact with you.

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