Studio Update - 3-30-19

So what has been up with the studio. Well……. it’s complicated.

I have been offered a great full time opportunity at Audible Studios in Newark, New Jersey that I just could not turn down. This place has a great atmosphere and is the path I feel most comfortable taking when it comes to a full time job in audio. As many of you know that have been here, money is the last thing on my mind when making a record, and this is an opportunity to really keep it that way.

I’ve never been much of a business guy, but after starting out in a 2 car garage recording bands for years, the only way to be able to do it consistently is what led me to becoming a business in the first place. It wasn’t the actual hopes of becoming some major facility, but just a place where I can turn out kick-ass records for bands that eventually become friends, and their friends bands, and so on…….It’s insane to think of how many people I’ve met and relationships I’ve made over the years with this place. As corny as it sounds, it is pretty much my favorite part of owning this place.

This all being said, the studio is still in action, just not as much. Here is what is happening:

  • I see your emails, but unfortunately I am not taking in any interns at this time, or offering any positions. (while I never have, it’s pretty much official at this point.)

  • Email is going to be my main point of contact. I kind of regret having my phone number on my Plaza’s sign as it is, but Emailing is the main way to get in contact with me.

  • I am currently not taking on any full length records, and sticking mainly to E.P.s or singles. A full length takes a dedicated amount of time, and considering time is limited here, I want to make the space open to as many bands as possible. This is something that will most likely change in the future, but for now, as to not get crazy burnt out myself, this is the best option for me. If your full length is really short in general, we can talk about making it happen, just let me know.

  • The studio IS NOT closed, and is in fact still in action, but it’s possible you might not receive a response from me. It’s always been tough to follow up with everyone being the one person that controls everything here, but being this busy has made it even more difficult. I have to be somewhat selective on the projects that I take. Bands or people that have recorded here before I consider alumni, and usually have first dibs on anything I have available. It’s possible within a certain time there could be multiple instances of this, leaving me unavailable. However this is not always the case, so it is just going to be based on particular time frames.

  • I am the only one that works here, and have been the only one for 10 years. It’s possible at some point this could change, as I wouldn’t mind the space being used when I am unavailable. I am still kind of brainstorming this idea, but if you have any interest in paying a monthly rent as to start your own clientele, its possible this could be something that happens down the line. I still have no idea what the hell I’m doing to be honest, so keep an eye out for this possibility.

  • These pretzels are making me thirsty.

I will try to provide another update as things progress as to not leave everyone in the dark. Thank you for taking the time to read this.