Where the hell have ya been?

Hey Everyone,

I’m sure you all have been wondering what has been up with the studio in 2018. I apologize for forms filled out that have gone unanswered, and emails that I haven’t responded too. My contract at audible studios in Newark, NJ has been absolutely amazing, but unfortunately has left me more busy than expected in 2018. I have been working on as many projects as I can while on this contract, and will know more about the studio’s schedule and how everything will pan out within the coming months. Thanks for bearing with me, I see your emails, and I promise that if you are looking to record at Exeter, we will make it happen at some point in the future.


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Mike Farragher Audio Book - This is your Brain on Shamrocks

I'm really psyched to have recorded my first audio book this past winter.  Mike Farragher is a local author that has written 3 books over the years. He has taken some of the Essays in these books that pertain to his life, and compiled them into a 2 hr and 39 min audio book. These humorous essays, read by the author, provide a side-splitting, sweet, and sometimes salty take on life, spirituality, parenting, and Celtic heritage. 

Download the book here!

Joey Bones Signature Snare from Love Custom Drums

Now lets hear that kit

Drums on Drums on Drums

Almost home! Vacation Part 3

Taking a break!

Herjaza in the studio

9 years?!

The studio in it's current location is 9 years old this month. When did that happen?.......Thanks to everyone who has been a part of this place over the years, obviously couldn't have done it without you. Still going as strong as ever!


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Joey Bones and The Morgan Freemasons